Day 9 of Google: Google Keep Features

On the ninth day of Google, we will explore with Google Keep.

For those of you who have not explored around with Google Keep yet, you are missing out. This tool is now an official G-Suite app and can be found in the waffle icon. Google Keep ( is a tool to help keep you organized.

But, did you know that Keep has a mobile app as well? You can access all of your ‘to do lists’ and reminders on your mobile phone. You can create lists as well as reminders right on your mobile device. Two amazing things that can be done with the help of the mobile device – creating audio files as well as taking pictures to extract text (through the help of OCR).

Audio Recording:

It is very easy to provide an audio recording. Have something on your mind that you don’t want to forget? Find it easier to speak your thoughts? This might be the tool for you.

  • Open up Google Keep on your mobile device (make sure you are logged into your School Google account)
  • Select the microphone icon
  • Record yourself speaking
  • Keep will automatically create an audio file as well as convert what you said into text (it will try to do its best job)
  • You can then copy and paste this information into a Google Doc/Google slide.
  • You can also share your audio recording with others.

Grabbing Image Text:

NOTE: I, by no means am saying that it is ok to steal text/ideas from others. It is always important to keep in mind of what is acceptable and not acceptable. However, there might be a time and place where this could be helpful rather than re-typing information.

  • Open up Google Keep on your mobile device (make sure you are logged into your School Google account)
  • Take a picture of the document
  • Go to Google Keep on your laptop/chromebook
  • Open up the note
  • Select the three dots at the bottom of the note and select ‘Grab Image Text’
  • Text from the document will show up below the picture.
  • Go to Google Docs or Google Slides where you want to use some of the text
  • Under the Tools menu, choose Keep Notepad (notepad will show up on the right side panel. Click and drag text to where you would like it.

And that is my Spiel…

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