Graph My Math!: Coordinate Plane Templates

A math colleague of mine, Stefan Fritz, found himself in a situation where he constantly was in the need for customized coordinate planes for worksheets, activities, assessments etc that he was creating for his students.

With the lack of great resources out there, he decided to create his own website. How COOL is that? What is this website you ask?

Here a user is able to indicate how they want to customize a coordinate plane to look:

  • scaling of x and y axis
  • labeling of the axes
  • layout of the grid
Once the user has their settings for the grid, they are able to select the download button. This file can then be added to a Google Doc or Google Slide, or any other product they wish. 
* NOTE: The downloaded file type will be a png file.
Big kudos to Stefan for solving a problem he found himself in and allowing other educators to benefit from his hard work in creating this great site!