Teacher Tip – Flippity: On the Fly vs. Planned Groups

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There are many elements to my job that I absolutely love. Today was another reminder! Seeing as though I help support curriculum in the classrooms, I am able to observe great teaching strategies from the high school staff. We all do great things and have great skills that are unique to us as an individual.

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We’re Jammin’ at BHS – 5 Ways We Have Used Jamboard

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A couple of months ago, I had blogged about how BHS received two Jamboards through a grant from Google and BenQ – you can view that blog post HERE. Since that time, we have had an opportunity to investigate how we could implement Jamboard in the classrooms. This blog post will highlight five different ways, in five different settings, on how we have used Jamboards in the educational setting. This blog post is a bit longer than usual but feel as though it is important to truly capture just how we have been using the new tool. My hope is that it will help inspire you to trying Jamboard with your own students.

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Lock Mode with Google Form Quizzes and Some Discoveries

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Our tech director applied for our entire Google domain to participate in beta version of lock mode with Google Forms. In August, we had shared the announcement with staff that Google was moving into giving staff the ability for students to take an assessment via Google Forms in a locked mode. Teachers were thrilled to hear this. I know there is an argument out there that if students can just ask Google for the answer than, should it be assessed? Sometimes, it does make sense to have students take a formative and/or summative assessment – but as with anything else should not be the only means of how students are assessed.

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