Day 7 of Google 2020 – Gmail

Today, for Day 7 of Google 2020, we will take a deeper look with Gmail. Oh who doesn’t like a good ol’ email? We live in email every day. Do you find yourself using the tool as effectively as possible? Here are some tips to consider.


The default with Gmail is having chat appear on the bottom left corner of your email. I honestly don’t find that helpful, I need more space then what is provided on the bottom. If you click on the settings gear on the top right corner, followed by the advanced menu, you will see that you can turn on right side chat. The 19 second video below (no sound) will walk you through the steps.

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Day 2 of Google 2020 – Google Docs

On the second day of Google, we give you a couple of Google Document tips.


Recently, Google implement a new feature where you can actually view a YouTube video or a slide presentation while you are still in a Google Document instead of having to view in a completely separate tab.

Why this can be helpful? For students, they can decide to take notes while they are watching the video. Or maybe for teachers who share curriculum documents with one another, they can preview a file without having to open the file on a completely separate tab. Other good things to know…

  • YouTube videos can be played in a preview of a Google Slide presentation
  • Users can determine how big or small they want the preview window to be

Click HERE to view a quick demo (1.5 minutes long) on this feature

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Supporting Curriculum & Pedagogy

All educators can agree on one thing. It has been an interesting nine months. I support teachers in a high school where students and teachers are participating in a hybrid model. Students show up to school for a class in the morning. Then in the afternoon, they participate in remote blocks online.

Teaching remotely is still a ‘new thing’ for all of us, regardless of the fact that we went remote back in March. Let’s face it, expectations were different and the curriculum taught was also different. All educators are still trying to figure out what works and does not work in this remote setting.

In an effort to support teachers, Jess Gilcreast, high school librarian, and I decided that we should curate all of the great resources that we are discovering on Twitter and hearing about in house from our colleagues. Sometimes, just finding the right template or layout of a task can help streamline things or help make planning that much better. While, Jess and I don’t have all of the answers, our hope is that with a bit of organization we can help staff.

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Creative Uses of Jamboard During COVID Times

Jamboard is quickly becoming a go to tool for the 2020 – 2021 school year. I know that I have written blog posts before on how we utilize the physical Jamboard Kiosks at our high school (can read more HERE). However, now that Jamboard can now be part of Google Meets, as well as teachers realizing they need a way for students to collaboratively work together in an efficient way online during remote blocks, they are finding ways to using the web version of Jamboard. While teachers are still finding it challenging to ‘read the room’ when they teach remotely, they like how Jamboard is helping tackle the collaborative aspect and getting student voices heard.

I have been impressed with how teachers at the high school have adapted their teaching with Jamboard. Below are are a couple of examples in different disciplines.


Example 1: Mrs. D. Phillips and Mrs. Taylor were looking for a way to mimic an activity that they have had students do on big poster paper around the classroom with properities of angles in Geometry class. They decided that Jamboard would be their solution to getting students to working collaboratively during their remote teaching block. Each pair received their own copy of the Jamboard file.

How was this created? The two teachers took screenshots of the the diagram as well as the angle information. They then created multiple stickies to match the angle names. Once each pair receives their copy, they have the ability to move the stickies to the appropriate spots. To see what this looks like in Jamboard, click HERE.

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Station Rotations

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 5.08.01 PM

(Excited that Jess Gilcreast is a co-blog post writer for this post)

Station Rotations: A way to move from teacher lead learning to student lead learning. Our high school has 77 minute blocks. Students don’t want to listen to teachers talk the entire time and teachers don’t necessarily want to deliver content to students for the entire time either. 

Jess Gilcreast, high school librarian, and I have been working with humanities teachers to re-think how to deliver introduction content for a particular unit. Below you will find resources and activities that were completed in a sophomore humanities course. We are both very proud of what was accomplished.

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