Using a Footnote for Branding Purposes

Why not give yourself credit where credit is due! Many people only use a footnote for when they are writing papers and need to cite sources. I tend to use a footnote anytime I create documentation whether I am in a Google Document or a Google Slide.

Ways of using a footnote in your documentation/instructions/presentations:

  • class hashtag
  • class/teacher twitter account
  • class mascot image
  • school logo
The possibilities are endless.

Google Slide:
Below is an example of what my ‘footers’ look like on a Google Slide. I tend to always include my Google profile picture (that will link to my Google+ account), a link to my Twitter account, as well as  my tech hashtag. You will also on the far right I have a picture of the BHS tech logo.

To make this happen for every slide automatically, select Master under the View Menu.

Be sure to select the Master slide on the left hand side and include anything on that slide that you want to show up on every slide. This is how I added all of the items at the bottom of my presentation slides. 

Keep in mind that you do not need to create this ‘master slide’ ahead of time. You could add items to the master slide at any time and it would automatically add to the presentation.

Google Document:

To make this happen in a Google document, select Footer under the Insert menu. Then you can add links, images, and text anywhere in the footer. Anything you put in the footer of a Google Document will automatically show up on all of the pages.

** Just know that while you create a footer to give yourself credit, this does not stop anyone from making a copy of your presentation or document, deleting it and adding their own name to it. I have a mindset that people will give credit where credit is due.

Moving Email Addresses in an Email

GMail allows you to easily move an email address that was placed in the wrong spot while composing an email.

In other words, lets say you placed two emails in the To: section but really needed one of those email address in the Cc: (carbon copy section). To fix this issue, all you need to do is click on the email address and drag it to the appropriate section.

Just another way Google makes things easy for us.

Sharing Specific Starting Time of a YouTube Video

At times, you may have found yourself wanting to share a video to others but did not want to waste their time getting to the ‘good’ part. In YouTube, you have the ability to share a specific starting time.

Under any YouTube video, choose Share this Video. Then, indicate the time you want the video to start when shared with others. There is a trick to the URL. If you change the starting time, ?t=_m_s is added to the end of the URL. Therefore, for this particular example, ?t=1m5s was added to the original URL since I wanted it to play 1 minute 5 seconds in.

Creating ‘Jeopardy’ Game in Google Sheets – Say What?

That is right. I just learned last week that has a template for teachers and students so that they can easily make a Jeopardy Game. This is all done in a Google Sheet. Interested?

Check out the quiz that I made on random Google and Google Apps facts. I am sure that are some questions you might struggle with (no Google Searches folks!). CLICK HERE

Click HERE if you would like to see what the Google Sheet looks like for the game that I made. Feel free to make a copy for yourself to challenge others.

Why is it Great?

  • I love the fact that it will keep track of points for you, as well as hide questions that have already been answered. 
  • You can also open the quiz as many times as you want and don’t have to worry about clearing anything out from the time it was used before.
  • Teams can range from 2 to 6 

On the website, it actually gives you detailed instructions on how to publish your quiz when you are done as well as get the right link that you need in order to create the quiz.

Check it out some time!