#LifeLongLearner – Applying for Google Innovator Academy

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I think it is important to continually push the envelop to do better, be better, and think better. Just two weeks ago, I hit the submit button in hopes of being selected to participate in Google’s Innovator Academy. To learn more about the Google Innovator Academy, click HERE.

In order to become a Google Innovator, you must complete the following:

  1. Pass Level 2 Google for Education Exam
  2. Have an idea/problem that you are faced with and want to help devise a solution
  3. Complete the online application form
  4. Create a 60 second video explaining the question you want to tackle
  5. Be selected to attend one of the academies that is offered in the year. You must pay your way and stay, but I hear that the three intense days of learning and collaborating is worth it.

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One Question Inquiry Followed by Immediate Results

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Over the past school year, our administration has asked staff to provide their thoughts about particular topics. In order to collect the data, Mr. Jozokos (our Assistant Principal, now Principal) would send out a Google Form that only had one question in it. Right to the point…asking our thoughts through a multiple choice question.

He designed these Google Forms with a purpose. He wanted to get the appropriate feedback. Kept the forms short, sweet, and to the point; only encouraging more staff to complete it. But the best part was that he always turned on the feature that allowed people who have answered the form to see immediate results at that point. In other words, if I were to answer the one question and then hit the submit button, I had an option to click on a link that says see summary results.

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