Week 5 of Remote Learning – Learning from Students


Well, time got away from me. I started strong with writing a blog post for the first two weeks of remote learning. Some how time didn’t allow me the opportunity to make the trend happen, weird huh? Lots of learning has happened over the past five weeks. This week, I would like to highlight something that I learned from a student.

Our principal shared with the staff that an instagram account was created in an effort to highlight our graduating senior class. It is so hard to be in this situation that we are all in. Hard for the graduates. Hard for the senior advisory teachers. Hard for the staff that are retiring this year. On this instagram account, each post highlights a different graduating senior with what they are planning on doing after they graduate. What a cool idea.

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Week 2 of Remote Learning – Keyboard Shortcuts


Many educators and students in New England are now experiencing their second week of remote learning. It’s been an adventure for sure. Now that most of the communication is happening solely online, I have found myself using more and more keyboard shortcuts. I am still the mouse user (I know that that this is a rarity, but it is true), but I have been trying to force myself to use more keyboard shortcuts to help save time. Think about all the clicks and dragging on a trackpad or mouse you do in a day. Think of all the seconds that it takes out of your day. Now add that up throughout the week. It becomes a substantial amount of time. Below are some helpful keyboard shortcuts that you might find useful.

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