Week 5 of Remote Learning – Learning from Students


Well, time got away from me. I started strong with writing a blog post for the first two weeks of remote learning. Some how time didn’t allow me the opportunity to make the trend happen, weird huh? Lots of learning has happened over the past five weeks. This week, I would like to highlight something that I learned from a student.

Our principal shared with the staff that an instagram account was created in an effort to highlight our graduating senior class. It is so hard to be in this situation that we are all in. Hard for the graduates. Hard for the senior advisory teachers. Hard for the staff that are retiring this year. On this instagram account, each post highlights a different graduating senior with what they are planning on doing after they graduate. What a cool idea.

I got to thinking more about it. I was thinking about all the time it must be taking for the organizer of this instagram account to get the info from all seniors who are interested in participating. Then, the lightbulb went off. The organizer of the account did something that I would never have thought of doing. They provided a template for students to remix and share back. CLEVER. Below is the message that can be found in the bio of the Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.39.26 PM
This is the message that could be found in the bio of the instagram account. Link to spark post template is provided for students to access.

Below is the template from Adobe Spark Post

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.39.35 PM
This is the template that students see when they click on the link.

Creating Remix Templates with Adobe Spark Post 

Now I must be honest. I have been using Adobe Spark for a couple of years now. I like how the tool can make you look like a graphic designer…even though I know that I am not. I love the fact that I can remix an existing adobe spark post when I need some inspiration. I never knew that I could actually allow others to remix posts that I made. Well, you can! And who knows how much longer it would have taken me to realize this if I didn’t see how a student was managing the instagram account. This student has inspired me to think about using Adobe Spark Post differently in the education setting.

If you didn’t know that this was available either, it is because you have not been using the mobile version of Adobe Spark Post. (I won’t tell you how long I spent trying to find the answer to how to make this happen. Thanks to Nicole Cassamassino for pointing me in the right direction.)

IMG_2341Here are the steps you would use:

  • Open Adobe Spark Post app
  • Create your post
  • When done, click on the share button
  • Then choose “Create shareable template”
  • Link will be copied to clipboard. Get that link to whomever you want to have access

I am now thinking of different ways that this can be use in classes…all thanks to the student who inspire me. #alwayslearning

And that is my Spiel…

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