Jamboard: Teacher Pro-Tips

This past week, I had the pleasure of participating in a recorded Google Meet roundtable with two colleagues, Jon Greiner (mathematics teacher) and Steph Nichols (humanities teacher). The purpose of the conversation was to talk about how they have been using Jamboard with their students during remote and in-person teaching. From the conversation, one can easily discover that teachers are truly trying to create learning experiences that mimic in person learning as best as possible. From the examples shared, students are encouraged to collaborate with one another remotely. Jamboard has been a great platform to help with this task.

Below are some pro-teacher tips when using Jamboard with your lessons.

Pro-Tip #1

Jon Greiner was asking students to determine if triangles could be formed based on the three side lengths given. Students would drag an example in the chart, followed by dragging the answer. When Jon creates his activities, he always make sure that there are more choices to choose from.

The pro-tip? Create the table in a Google Doc first. Then take the screen shot of that graph and insert the screenshot into the Jamboard with the insert image feature. Jon also customizes the height of each cell to fit the hight of each sticky so that the stickies fit the table.

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Day 4 of Google 2020 – Jamboard

On the forth day of Google 2020, we will take a look at Jamboard. Jamboard has been one of those tools that has been used widely during remote instruction. I have written several blog post this year on how teachers are using the tool to help re-imagine their lessons that would have typically been done on paper and pencil. Here are four ‘did you know?’ tips with working in a Jam file.


Yes, it is finally here! Teachers can rejoice. We now have the ability to have an image be the background of a page in a Jam file. You will now notice this options shows up with the original background options. Now you really don’t have to worry about students moving items on you in the Jam file.

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Re-Think & Re-Imagine – Teaching is Hard!

Teaching in 2020 is hard, challenging and difficult. We have all heard this through conversations at the grocery store, families, co-workers or even the news. I 100% agree. It is hard. It is challenging. It can be difficult.

The reason why many teachers find it challenging is not due to the fact that they don’t know their curriculum, it is the fact that teachers are having to rethink and redesign their lessons during their remote teaching blocks to help make learning as impactful and meaningful as possible. Teachers are not able to take every single lesson that they have taught before and ‘just’ put it online. Much more thought goes into making sure the lesson makes sense.

Two recent activities speak to the notion above, a mathematics and a science example. Pre-pandemic, in both scenarios, the teachers would be able to make photocopies of an activity they wanted students to complete with paper and pencil/color pencils, in either groups or individually. Seeing as though students are experiencing the lesson remotely at home, the teachers had to re-think and re-imagine how the lesson could run. It all came down to what was the true goal of the activity and how they could design the activity to fit the current situation that we all find ourselves in.

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Using Jamboard for Timeline Activities

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 7.43.17 AM

For the past year, we have been exploring different ways that we can thoughtfully implement Jamboard into lessons. To learn more about previous activities, click HERE and HERE. Our next thoughtful implementation you ask? How about creating a collaborative timeline?

Timeline Past History

Mrs. Devito and Mr. Woodhead teach a Freshmen Humanities course. During the Scientific Revolution unit, the teachers ask students to do some research on a scientist in pairs. Their goal is for students to visually see how one scientist has impacted another throughout the time period.

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Jamboard is for Brainstorming

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 12.47.50 PM

In previous blog posts, I have shared different ways students have used Jamboard in their classes (blog post). One area we had yet to focus on is with staff actually using Jamboard. More specifically, using it to help brainstorm ideas for planning out curriculum. For the past two weeks, different staff members took it upon themselves to try out Jamboard for the first time. I would like to talk about one group in particular.

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