Re-Think & Re-Imagine – Teaching is Hard!

Teaching in 2020 is hard, challenging and difficult. We have all heard this through conversations at the grocery store, families, co-workers or even the news. I 100% agree. It is hard. It is challenging. It can be difficult.

The reason why many teachers find it challenging is not due to the fact that they don’t know their curriculum, it is the fact that teachers are having to rethink and redesign their lessons during their remote teaching blocks to help make learning as impactful and meaningful as possible. Teachers are not able to take every single lesson that they have taught before and ‘just’ put it online. Much more thought goes into making sure the lesson makes sense.

Two recent activities speak to the notion above, a mathematics and a science example. Pre-pandemic, in both scenarios, the teachers would be able to make photocopies of an activity they wanted students to complete with paper and pencil/color pencils, in either groups or individually. Seeing as though students are experiencing the lesson remotely at home, the teachers had to re-think and re-imagine how the lesson could run. It all came down to what was the true goal of the activity and how they could design the activity to fit the current situation that we all find ourselves in.

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Creative Uses of Jamboard During COVID Times

Jamboard is quickly becoming a go to tool for the 2020 – 2021 school year. I know that I have written blog posts before on how we utilize the physical Jamboard Kiosks at our high school (can read more HERE). However, now that Jamboard can now be part of Google Meets, as well as teachers realizing they need a way for students to collaboratively work together in an efficient way online during remote blocks, they are finding ways to using the web version of Jamboard. While teachers are still finding it challenging to ‘read the room’ when they teach remotely, they like how Jamboard is helping tackle the collaborative aspect and getting student voices heard.

I have been impressed with how teachers at the high school have adapted their teaching with Jamboard. Below are are a couple of examples in different disciplines.


Example 1: Mrs. D. Phillips and Mrs. Taylor were looking for a way to mimic an activity that they have had students do on big poster paper around the classroom with properities of angles in Geometry class. They decided that Jamboard would be their solution to getting students to working collaboratively during their remote teaching block. Each pair received their own copy of the Jamboard file.

How was this created? The two teachers took screenshots of the the diagram as well as the angle information. They then created multiple stickies to match the angle names. Once each pair receives their copy, they have the ability to move the stickies to the appropriate spots. To see what this looks like in Jamboard, click HERE.

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