Yes to a Portable Monitor

Teachers sure have had to adapt quickly during this pandemic. Just the logistics alone. Never thought it would ever be a thing in my lifetime where a teacher would be required to teach students remotely or through a hybrid setting. I give them lots of praise for all that they have been able to accomplish. It isn’t easy. 

Teaching 25-30 students on an 11 inch screen is just not enough real-estate when you have to talk to students, share a screen, do attendance, check email etc. I could go on and on and on. We also knew that there probably would be times where teachers had to teach from home. We wanted the flexibility of teachers being able to have a second monitor where ever they were (our teachers also don’t have their own classrooms). 

We wanted to get teachers a monitor. However, we wanted to think different. We wanted to think 3-5 years from now and didn’t want to just buy the first monitor that we found. We wanted to think different. After doing some research, we decided we should purchase portable monitors that could be easily set up in any setting, instead of getting a desktop monitor that would only live in the classroom. The model that we purchased was: AOC e1659FWU 16″ LED USB Powered Portable Monitor with

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Day 9 of Google 2019 – Formatting Tips

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 6.53.39 AM.pngFor the ninth day of Google, we will focus on formatting tips and tricks. Have to admit, I did not know about any of these until most recently. It is all about unlearning what you have always done to learn something new. These tips will most certainly save you some time in the future.

Working with Text

Ever find yourself in a situation where you were typing and didn’t realize that you had the caps locks on and had to retype everything? Well, you no longer need to do such a thing. In fact, with text that has already been typed, you can change it to any of the following by highlighting the text:

  • lowercase
  • Title Case

To make this happen, highlight text, select format menu, followed by text and capitalization menus. Very simple, yet extremely helpful.


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Customize Your G-Suite ‘Waffle’

Here is a quick tip for you when you are accessing information from you G-Suite ‘waffle’. No, I am not talking about the food item. The waffle is an unofficial term that is used when talking about the drop down menu of options for G-Suite applications, once an user is logged into their account. Google pre-populates the icons in the waffle for you. However, many people do not know that you can actually move some of the applications around based on your liking. Check out the demonstration below:

  • Click on the waffle icon on the top right (make sure you are signed into your Google account.
  • Click and drag the application that you want to move.

A Couple of Notes:
  • It appears as though some tools will not show up until G-Suite notices that you use the tool. One example for me was Google Keep. I noticed that after I started accessing the website, the icon showed up in my waffle.
  • Some applications cannot be moved. For instance, Google Classroom, will not show up in the top section of the drop down windo. Not sure why this is. 
  • Some applications just do not seem to exist. For instance, it appears as though a Google Drawing shortcut does not exist.

And that is my spiel…