Customize Your G-Suite ‘Waffle’

Here is a quick tip for you when you are accessing information from you G-Suite ‘waffle’. No, I am not talking about the food item. The waffle is an unofficial term that is used when talking about the drop down menu of options for G-Suite applications, once an user is logged into their account. Google pre-populates the icons in the waffle for you. However, many people do not know that you can actually move some of the applications around based on your liking. Check out the demonstration below:

  • Click on the waffle icon on the top right (make sure you are signed into your Google account.
  • Click and drag the application that you want to move.

A Couple of Notes:
  • It appears as though some tools will not show up until G-Suite notices that you use the tool. One example for me was Google Keep. I noticed that after I started accessing the website, the icon showed up in my waffle.
  • Some applications cannot be moved. For instance, Google Classroom, will not show up in the top section of the drop down windo. Not sure why this is. 
  • Some applications just do not seem to exist. For instance, it appears as though a Google Drawing shortcut does not exist.

And that is my spiel…