Using Google Maps in Airplane Mode

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For the past two weeks, I had an opportunity to explore Portugal with family. While this was my first time visiting the country, it was not the first time exploring Europe. This time around however, I discovered something extremely helpful with the mobile version of Google Maps. It was completely new to me, but I don’t think it is a new feature. Some of you will probably nod your head as you have utilized the feature before.

When I travel abroad, I do not get an international plan, especially for the short period of time that I am visiting. I plan ahead while on WiFi in the Airbnb that I am staying in. I take screenshots of things that I want to remember while out exploring. Well, not only did I do this again, I also discovered that you can download an offline map of an area through Google Maps. This allows you access to google maps on your phone while you are not on WiFi. The GPS signal from my phone still let me know exactly where I was. It was great!

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