Day 4 of Google 2020 – Jamboard

On the forth day of Google 2020, we will take a look at Jamboard. Jamboard has been one of those tools that has been used widely during remote instruction. I have written several blog post this year on how teachers are using the tool to help re-imagine their lessons that would have typically been done on paper and pencil. Here are four ‘did you know?’ tips with working in a Jam file.


Yes, it is finally here! Teachers can rejoice. We now have the ability to have an image be the background of a page in a Jam file. You will now notice this options shows up with the original background options. Now you really don’t have to worry about students moving items on you in the Jam file.


A complaint some staff have had has been the ability to draw straight lines either using the touchpad or from a tablet. Well, there is a way to draw a straight line with the web version of Jamboard.

Select the drawing tool, choose your color, then while holding down the shift key, draw your line. Magic!


Reminder that since you have the ability to add images to a Jam file, you also have the ability to add gifs.


Now this tip is very specific and may not apply to many people, but I thought it was clever. I know there are teachers that like to gamify learning or have answers be revealed at certain times. You can mimic a reveal type aspect by using the white marker to hide something. Then tell students that they can use the eraser to reveal certain spots of the Jam file. The gif below will walk you through what I am describing as well as how to mimic the situation.

And that is my Spiel…

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