Day 5 of Google 2020 – Google Slides

On Day 5, we will take a look at Google Slides. Let’s face it…organizing content in such a way that others are able to learn from can be a challenge. We are visual people. And sometimes, going beyond black and white can go a long way. The tips below are not ones that you always have to include when creating slide presentations. Just want to help give you an idea of what can be done.


Did you know that you can search for images to use in your presentations right in the slides tab. There is no need to open another tab and perform a google search. You can launch explore feature two ways.

1. Click on the explore icon on the bottom right corner. 2. You can find explore under the Tools menu.

Let Google know what you are looking for – find what makes the most sense for you and away you go, the image is added to your slide presentation. NOTE: Once the image has been added in the presentation, you will find that it is hyperlinked to its source.


I think one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a white background of an image. The background has nothing to deal with the image or icon itself. Well there are a couple of ways to eliminate the white background.

  1. Using the same approach of the explore feature, type what you are looking to add to the slide presentation. However instead of typing “map” type “map vector png”. This should then give you some options without a background.
  2. The other approach is using an outside website called You have the ability to remove the background of your image after it has been uploaded to the website.


Many of us include videos in our slide presentations. There are a couple of ways to give these videos some advanced features, such as giving it the appearance that it is popping out of the presentation (backdrop), as well as indicating what part of the video you want to show.

And that is my Spiel…

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