Day 6 of Google 2020 – YouTube Studio

On the sixth day of Google 2020, we will take a look at YouTube Studio. I will have to admit, back in the day, I was one to promote teachers to upload their content to YouTube. Then with the ease of videos of being shared via Google Drive, I found myself encouraging staff to go that route. It was one less thing to have to worry about or stress about.

Just this week, I revisited my school YouTube channel and was surprised with some of the features that YouTube Studio now has. I also decided to share a reminder about creating playlists. Hope these tips can help you out.


I think I am MOST excited about this feature. To be honest, I am not sure how long this feature has been available and I just didn’t know about it. The owner of the YouTube video has the ability to create chapters. Why would this be important?

Well, both students and teachers are finding themselves being consumers of videos for learning or reinforcement of learning. Many teachers are finding themselves creating short tutorials or screencasts. If teachers decide to upload their video to their school YouTube channel they can determine when to create different chapters in the video. Consumers of the video now have an opportunity to either watch the whole video from start to finish or determine where in the video they want to spend their time based on the chapter titles. Does this take an extra step? Sure. Is this mandatory? No. Are you not supporting your students if you don’t use this feature? No. Do I think it is clever? Sure.

The short video below will walk you through the process.

  • Upload the video
  • Watch the video and determine times for each chapter.
  • Edit the video – in the description of the video, add the beginning times of each chapter. NOTE: Always start with 00:00 for the introduction in order for this feature to work.


This might be more of a pro tip. But in YouTube Studio, owners of videos have the opportunity to blur out sections of their video – whether it is due to faces of underage students or sensitivity of material being shown. You also have the ability to determine how long you want the blur feature to show. I also noticed that there is a follow face feature if the person moves throughout the video. I have not tried this out myself, but something that I hope to in the future. To learn more how this works, check out the short video below.

NOTE: After you make some editing changes to your video, you might get this message stating that it could take a bit of time for the changes to appear. So, if you are trying to have something ready for within a short period of time, it might not be ready. This was a message that I received after I made some editing changes.

Image taken from YouTube


Here is another pro feature. Not a necessisty, but a good to know feature for those of you who provide your own videos through your channel. You probably have seen videos in the past where a YouTube creator links to a related video or asks you to subscribe to their channel at the end of the video you just watched. Well, if you find that providing related videos can help your viewers, the short video below will walk you through the process. It consists of you editing the video that has been uploaded, launching the editor in YouTube Studio, followed by adding an element in the bottom track of the video. This is something that I only have just recently discovered.


With all of the videos being made and shared with students, playlists are a great way of organizing similar content together. You have the ability to organize the content in one place by sharing out one link. You can curate videos that you have made as well as ones that other creators added to YouTube. The video below walks through this process.

And that is my Spiel…

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