Day 7 of Google 2020 – Gmail

Today, for Day 7 of Google 2020, we will take a deeper look with Gmail. Oh who doesn’t like a good ol’ email? We live in email every day. Do you find yourself using the tool as effectively as possible? Here are some tips to consider.


The default with Gmail is having chat appear on the bottom left corner of your email. I honestly don’t find that helpful, I need more space then what is provided on the bottom. If you click on the settings gear on the top right corner, followed by the advanced menu, you will see that you can turn on right side chat. The 19 second video below (no sound) will walk you through the steps.


Recently, Google added a space for all of your Meets to show up while you are in mail. This is great as it helps you from needing to open up another tab to view your Google Calendar. When you select, “my meets”, it will show you what you have coming up to attend. You will also notice that you can create a meet through your mail as well.


Filtering in gmail can help you stay a bit organized…depending on the type of person you are. For instance, let’s say you want certain types of email to go in one place to find and access at a later date. Or let’s say you find yourself never opening an email from a particular person, you could immediately delete it. You can turn on a filter for either of those two situations (as well as others). Below are some options that you have with filtering

Below is a short 2 minute video walk

And that is my Spiel…

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