One Question Inquiry Followed by Immediate Results

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Over the past school year, our administration has asked staff to provide their thoughts about particular topics. In order to collect the data, Mr. Jozokos (our Assistant Principal, now Principal) would send out a Google Form that only had one question in it. Right to the point…asking our thoughts through a multiple choice question.

He designed these Google Forms with a purpose. He wanted to get the appropriate feedback. Kept the forms short, sweet, and to the point; only encouraging more staff to complete it. But the best part was that he always turned on the feature that allowed people who have answered the form to see immediate results at that point. In other words, if I were to answer the one question and then hit the submit button, I had an option to click on a link that says see summary results.

To model what I am talking about, I have created a 1 question Google Form on ice cream flavors. Click HERE to answer the survey yourself. Once you click submit, you will be prompted to see a summary of what people have said so far. You should see a pie chart with the results so far.

Why do I like this? There were times that I was really curious to see what the feelings were about the topic at hand. Rather than providing my feedback and then waiting 2 weeks, or a month until a future faculty meeting, I was able to see right away what the staff as a whole was feeling or thinking. This helped me process where I thought we might move forward. This seems like such a simple item, but it has gone a long way for me.


  • Create a new Google Form with the question(s) you want to ask
  • Select the Gear in the top right corner
  • Under the general tab of the pop up window, check the last box ‘See summary charts and text responses’

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Just this one little feature can go a long way. Keep in mind however that this feature might not be appropriate for every form that you send out for people to complete.

Couple Items to Note:

  • You can complete this approach through Google Classroom through the Asking a Question feature. All of your staff would need to be a student in a class in order to use this approach.
  • For those people who complete the form right away, they won’t see much of a trend. These staff would need to keep the tab open with the ‘see summary of responses’ page. Then refresh the page a bit later to see the trend.

If you would like to talk more about this, you know where to find me.

And that is my Spiel…

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