Lock Mode with Google Form Quizzes and Some Discoveries

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Our tech director applied for our entire Google domain to participate in beta version of lock mode with Google Forms. In August, we had shared the announcement with staff that Google was moving into giving staff the ability for students to take an assessment via Google Forms in a locked mode. Teachers were thrilled to hear this. I know there is an argument out there that if students can just ask Google for the answer than, should it be assessed? Sometimes, it does make sense to have students take a formative and/or summative assessment – but as with anything else should not be the only means of how students are assessed.

Fast forward to January 2019, and we received beta access. I have created instructions on how to use the lock mode feature with Google Forms. You can access it HERE (there are several #eduGIFs to quickly walk you through the process).

Here are some things that we have discovered:

  • Appears as though students must have the most up-to-date chrome OS
  • Once a student enters into the lock mode setting, they are not able to get access to any other tabs.
  • Once a student enters into the lock mode setting, they are unable to take screenshots. Obviously, this still does not solve the scenario of a student taking a picture of the assessment with their phones. We have noticed that once a student has completed their form and have submitted it, they are still unable to take screenshots. For now, we have been telling students to shut down their device completely. Hoping that this gets resolved before lock mode goes out of beta.
  • This feature has been used in a couple of our French classes. To help with writing text, students have multiple keyboards tied to their chromebook. They are able to switch from one keyboard to the next. Say for instance that the students go into lock mode and they forgot to switch to US Extended keyboard. They don’t have access to the bottom right corner (where they normally would go) to make the switch. A student in Mr. Zeller’s French class said, “just use the shortcut keys to switch your keyboard!” The shortcut keys on a chromebook are Control, Shift, Spacebar. So great when students teach us things! I didn’t know that shortcut prior to this conversation.

That is what we have discovered so far. Want to use the lock mode with Google Forms in your class? You know where to find me.

And that is my Spiel…

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