Check Out New View of Gmail

Next time that you are in your School GMail – check out the new view. To get this new look, you must allow Google to make the switch. To do this choose the setting icon on the top right and select “Try the new Bedford School District Mail”.

NOTE: If you don’t see the message in settings, refresh your GMail tab and retry.

Some of the features that I am most excited about is that I no longer have to rely on having multiple tabs open for me to check my calendar of events or my Google Keep items. You now have the ability to view them from the small right column. You also have the ability to gain more real-estate by collapsing your labels when you don’t need them from the hamburger icon on the top left.
Another simple improvement is the ability to see ahead of time if an email has any ‘attachments’.
Lastly, AI intelligence will sometimes help predict what an appropriate response might be for an email.
Any questions or issues, let us know! And that is my Spiel…

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