Time for a Change

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 8.02.44 PMWell, I finally made the jump. I have been wanting to do this now for a couple of years but I was either too nervous to do it, or I told myself ‘I didn’t have time to make this happen’. Looking back at it, those two things were both ‘excuses’ to not making a wish of mine come true. Not sure what I was really worried about. Yes, this process was completely new for me but so easy that anyone can make the shift.

What is the jump that I made? Well, ever since 2011, I have been sharing my thoughts, tips/tricks, ideas on a blog, using Blogger. I used this for many reasons.

  • It was the blogging platform that I was introduced to in a Graduate Course that I took with @mmarotta
  • One single login account tied to my gmail account
  • Easy to use

In addition the the blog titled “Sheil Spiel”, I also had a website that I managed. This highlighted trainings, conferences, courses that I delivered. My goal was to merge the two together.

I landed on using WordPress. Why this tool and not others like weebly? Not really sure except for the fact that I liked the blogging feature in WordPress. Even though the site is a “blog” per say, to me, it still feels like a website with the other pages included.

The other change that I made was creating my own domain for my site. I have gotten away from creating a domain for the past 7 years as a trainer, but I think it is time to make the shift. So, I give you my new site: http://www.craigmsheil.com.

If I can make this happen, anyone can make this happen. It is very easy – oh and did I mention you only need to be ok with spending some money? I look forward to the change and seeing what I can share in the coming year.

And that is my spiel…

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