Google Keep – Great Way to Stay Organized!

Just recently, a staff member (Sue Reilly) shared a tool that she has been using, Google Keep. This is a great tool for those people who LOVE sticky notes. These sticky notes are virtual however and can be accessed anytime you are logged into your Google Account. And, this tool is WAY BETTER than the tasks list that is built into GMail. Trust me on this one!

Oh and the best part you might ask? You can create SHARED stickies with other people so that task lists can be edited in real time collaboratively. In other words, you can have a task list with a co-worker while another sticky is not shared with anyone.

Below is an example of what my Google Keep looks like. The Green Sticky is shared with two other people, the Blue Sticky is not share with anyone, and the Red Sticky is shared with one other person.

Other Features of Google Keep

  • Stickies can be different colors to help differentiate between tasks
  • Stickies can either be notes or task list
  • Items can be deleted from a list once you have completed it
  • Reminders can be set on stickies so that you don’t forget about them
  • Stickies can be archived when you are done with them
Most of these features can be found by hovering over a sticky (as can be seen from the sticky on the left)

So, if you want to get rid of the stickies that are attached to the edge of your computer or on your desk – it is time for you to try this tool out. Go to and start exploring the possibilities.

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