12 Days of Google

In the spirit of the season and the inspiration from Eric Lawson and Eric Curts, I have decided to run my own ’12 Days’ of tech tips and ideas. For the next 12 work days, I will provide a Google Tip/Trick that might help take your Google knowledge to the next level.

In the embedded Google Drawing below, I will link up each tip or idea each working day moving forward. (You might have to open up the Google Drawing in order for the icons to actually provide the Google Tip of the Day). You will also notice below the Google Drawing, I will have each day linked up.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

And that is my Spiel…

Day 1 of Google: YouTube Tips
Day 2 of Google: The Many ‘Different Views’ to Google Slides
Day 3 of Google: Exploring with Google Trends
Day 4 of Google: Google Calendar
Day 5 of Google: Providing Feedback in Google Docs
Day 6 of Google: Google Drive – Location of Files
Day 7 of Google: Google Classroom – Creating to Accessing Student Work
Day 8 of Google: Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
Day 9 of Google: Google Keep Features
Day 10 of Google: equatIO for Math and Science classes
Day 11 of Google: Change Default Text in Google Docs
Day 12 of Google: Creating Your Own GIF with AutoDraw, Google Photos & Google Slides

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