Digital Citizenship – How & What?

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About two years ago, I wrote a blog post about asking for ideas and suggestions from other educators on how they are helping their students with managing their online appearance. Well, folks! I am back at it again. I feel very passionate about this topic and want to make sure that our students are truly set up for success in their future.

I have been very fortunate over the past four years as our counseling department has been a great collaboration partner in helping design and deliver digital citizenship content for our high school students. We are proud with what we have come up with. We know that it is not perfect and we know that we can do more.

We are not looking to use canned curriculum that has already been put together. We know that many districts use those popular websites. They have some great things available. However, we do not feel as though it is the perfect fit for us. Again, we do not have anything against the canned curriculum. To view our digital citizenship curriculum, click HERE.

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Our school has advisories and we use some of those advisory days to deliver the content put together. You will notice that while each month is the same topic for all students, different activities have been created for each grade level.


The following are the topics we focus on throughout the school year.
October – Positive Digital Citizen
November – Be Present & Social Media Addition
December – Cyberbullying
January – Mental Health
February – Online Safety
March – Distracted Driving/Distracted Walking

Question at Hand

What do you do with your high school students? We only ask this as we feel as though we want to create more hands on and workshop type experiences with our students rather than just conversation activities. We feel as though we need to give some of our curriculum a refresh.

Do you have engaging activities you have found worked with your students? Do you pull in outside speakers? If so who? We truly would love to get inspired from others to continue to push ourselves to deliver the best curriculum we can. No idea is a small idea. Please provide your ideas/activities in this google form. To see what others have provided, you can find it on this spreadsheet.

Thank you in advance!

And that is my Spiel…

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