Day 3 of Google 2018: Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 8.46.14 PMUse spreadsheets from time to time? Google Sheets now allows users to have checkboxes in a column. It might seem like a small feature but in all honesty, it can be a great visual cue to know who has and has not done a particular task.


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.19.18 PMTo implement this in your own spreadsheet, highlight the region you want checkbox to show up. If you want the full column to have a check box, select the column name. Then, select “Insert” menu followed by checkbox. You will then notice empty boxes appear in the highlighted section. Once you find it appropriate to mark a box, select it and a check mark will fill in. Below is a gif that you can use to follow along as well.


There are many ways this can be utilized.

  • Collection on money for a field trip
  • Determining who is left to give a presentation to the class
  • Determine who is left for teacher observation

As a side note, ever feel like you are given too many columns and rows in your Google Sheet? Don’t forget that you can delete what you don’t want so that your data looks nicer.

  • Highlight all cells by selecting the top left corner (will highlight everything)
  • Hold down command (ctrl on non mac) while highlighting cells you don’t want to get rid of
  • Then right click anywhere in the rows that you no longer want and choose delete rows ___ to _____.
  • Next select first column name you don’t want and scroll to the far right. While holding down shift key select the last row. It should highlight the columns you don’t want. Right click and choose delete columns ____ to ____


And that is my Spiel…

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