Day 3 of Google 2019 – Google Keep

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 6.52.57 AM.pngFor the third day of Google, we will take a closer look at Google Keep ( or you can find it in the waffle). There are many staff members who use Google Keep on a daily basis to keep track of their to do lists, whether individually or collaboratively. There is something about being able to cross and item off the list.


Creating Nested Lists

Did you know that you can created nested lists? When you want to use the indent feature, use the following keys:

Mac User: Command and ]

Chromebook User: Control and ]

When you want to un-indent you use the following keys:

Mac User: Command and [

Chromebook User: Control and [


Settings with Keep

As like all other Google tools, Google Keep has its own settings. If you select the settings gear on the top right corner, you have the ability to:

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 5.14.19 PM

  • Enable dark theme (I made the switch to dark mode on my mobile device. If you are one of those people who did the same, you might like this feature.)
  • Display rich link previews (in other words, if you provide a link to a website or file, you would be able to see a visual of what you are linking at the bottom of the note – see example below)
  • Add new items to the bottom or the top of the list
  • Move checked (completed) items to the bottom


Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 5.14.26 PM

Creating Electronic Signatures

Did you know that you can use the drawing feature in a Keep note? Creating an electronic signature can be a good use of this feature. There are times where I am writing a letter of recommendation for either a staff member or a student and I need to provide a signature. By having a signature keep note, I can pull this into any Google Doc that I am writing.


Remember, when you are in any Google Doc, select the Google Keep icon on the right column. Your Keep notes will then show up. Find your signature keep note, select the three dots and insert to Google Doc to the spot you need the signature.

There is alot of potential for those students who have a touch screen chromebook. They can easily draw up something in a keep note and pull that drawing into a presentation, drawing or Google doc. Don’t forget that Keep also works on mobile phone.


If you have any questions with the above, you know where to find me. And that is my Spiel…


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