10 Days of Google 2019

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I am back at it for a third straight year. Tis the season for giving…giving of Google tips and tricks that is. I will be blogging for 10 straight work days, starting Monday, December 9, 2019, giving readers different Google tips, tricks and/or ideas. As you know, Google constantly updates its product and changes are implemented throughout the year but yet we do not necessarily know that changes have in fact been made. My hope is that over the course of the ten days, you are able to carve out some time to learn new things about Google that could potentially help save you time in your day to day routine or enhance your curriculum. My other hope is that you have fun learning some of these new features as well.

10 Days of Google 2019

While I will be blogging each day, I will also curate all blog posts in a single Google Drawing for ease. To view this Google Drawing in another window, click HERE. If you have any tips, ideas, or suggestions, let me know! Here is to a great holiday season.

And that is my Spiel…

Google Data Studio: Interact with your Data

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Last February, I had the opportunity to attend SXSWedu Conference in Austin, TX. Google set up a space at the conference where attendees would walk through different Google activities over the span of 45 minutes. Each activity pertained to a common theme of recycling. While attendees were waiting to experience the three different stations, we were asked to fill out a Google Form and answer questions. Once submitted, we were brought to an infographic showcasing data from all those that had already completed the form. The infographic was constantly being updated. I thought that this was really cool taking data to the next level. Yes I have heard of infographics before, but I had not seen infographics being updated in real time. It was VERY COOL. I noticed that the tool that was used to make this happen was something called Google Data Studio (datastudio.google.com). I knew that this was going to be a future challenge for myself to take a look at. 

Wouldn’t you know, October arrived and I had yet to push myself to play around with Google Data Studio. It is amazing how quickly time flies by. Thankfully, it was brought to my attention that Laura Tilton was offering a one day workshop on the tool. 

I can’t say enough with how cool and useful this tool is. Let’s put things into perspective. 

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