Supporting Curriculum & Pedagogy

All educators can agree on one thing. It has been an interesting nine months. I support teachers in a high school where students and teachers are participating in a hybrid model. Students show up to school for a class in the morning. Then in the afternoon, they participate in remote blocks online.

Teaching remotely is still a ‘new thing’ for all of us, regardless of the fact that we went remote back in March. Let’s face it, expectations were different and the curriculum taught was also different. All educators are still trying to figure out what works and does not work in this remote setting.

In an effort to support teachers, Jess Gilcreast, high school librarian, and I decided that we should curate all of the great resources that we are discovering on Twitter and hearing about in house from our colleagues. Sometimes, just finding the right template or layout of a task can help streamline things or help make planning that much better. While, Jess and I don’t have all of the answers, our hope is that with a bit of organization we can help staff.

Below is an image of what our database looks like – using Google Data Studio. Direct link is HERE ( We hope to continue to add content over the coming weeks and months of other great ideas that are shared. Be sure to stop by at a later date.

Have other ideas that you thinks should be added? Have feedback to give? We would love to hear from you.

It goes without saying, that we owe a lot of thanks to Laura Tilton, who ran a session last December on how to use Google Data Studio. (I hope to write a blog post later explaining how to set something like this up). Also a big thanks goes out to the hard work that teachers are putting into creating great lesson ideas. Thank you for sharing your resources for others to benefit from.

And that is my Spiel…

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