Flip Your Content in 90 seconds?

As a society, we are obsessed with consuming and creating content in short videos. As a digital learning specialist, I am wondering if we are reaching our learners and those that support our learners in the most effective way. Do we need to start thinking differently with how we present information? How can we do this in a safe manner that is efficient?

I co-teach a couple of graduate level courses for educators, and decided to start exploring alternatives to using TikTok. (Yes, our high school students are using the tool daily. Some of our teachers also use the tool for their own purposes or personal interests.) I decided to create a TikTok like video with Flip, using the mobile app. I have to be honest, I have been using Flip for years now, but I have not really focused much of my attention with the mobile app. While you don’t get all of the filters, songs and features that TikTok has to offer, Flip does do a good job in helping content creators make TikTok like videos.

Below are the norms from the class. You decide which you would prefer to interact or consume with:

Visual/Auditory Example: I decided to create a short video highlighting the class norms for the course I taught. In less than 90 seconds, students were able to understand what was expected of them in class. Click HERE to view the Flip video or click HERE to view on YouTube.

Traditional Google Doc Example: Below is a screenshot of what the Google Doc looked like that was posted in Google Classroom.

Image of Google Doc Format

Some advantages:

  • One could argue that a video is more engaging than reading a list off of a google document
  • Ability to add humor or show some creativity
  • Mimics similar style videos students and parents are viewing on social media apps
  • Flip is a safe space where students (and teachers) can create without needing a ‘TikTok’ account
  • Eliminates a user name on the video (as seen on TikTok videos)
  • In less than 90 seconds, students were able to understand what was expected of them in class.

Some issues:

  • It could take way more time creating a 90 second video instead of typing a list in a google doc
  • Not all creators enjoy hearing their voice in play back in class
  • Not all creators are willing to use their own personal mobile device to make a video (mobile app)

I enjoyed exploring around with this idea. I plan to continue making similar style videos when I need to share out content with students this year. Perhaps we will get more students paying attention to information being shared with them? Perhaps not. Only time will tell.

If you yourself have been exploring around with this format, I would love to hear from you. And that is my Spiel…

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