Day 2 of Google: The Many ‘Different Views’ of Google Slides

On the second day of Google…

We are going to take a look at some view features of Google Slides.

Forcing Present Mode
Let’s face it, if you are using G-Suite you have shared a link to document in your Drive. Assuming sharing permissions have already been handled so that those that can view are able to view (anyone with the link), you can actually force present mode on a Google Slide presentation. Sometimes, you might not want people to be able to see the slides along the left side of your Google Slides. The traditional way many people would share a link outside of Google Classroom is to copy the link from the omni box (the search box in Chrome). Then share out the link via email etc.

Instead, you have the ability to share the presentation so that they only see the final slides and not the edited side of Google Slides. How might you ask? Go to the omni box – where the link is for the presentation. Follow these steps:

  • Move your cursor all the way to the right until you see the word ‘edit’ in the URL.
  • You will want to delete the word ‘edit’ and anything else to the right of the word ‘edit’. 
  • Replace what you deleted with the word ‘present’.
  • Copy your new link and provide this with those that you want to have access to. NOTE: Sometimes, I will paste the new link in a different tab and shorten it so that people can very quickly get to the presentation in present mode.

Looping Through Slides

You have the ability to loop through a Slide presentation without clicking through the presentation or restarting the presentation when it is done. This can be great for evening community events or photo slideshows.

Follow these steps:

  • Change share permissions to ‘Anyone with the Link’
  • Choose ‘Publish to the Web’ under File Menu
  • Determine how long you want each slide to show
  • Determine if you want the presentation to restart when it gets to the end and if you want the presentation to start right away when page loads
  • Select Publish button
  • Copy the link from the pop up window (this is the link that you will use for looping the presentation)

Viewing Slides in Edit Mode

Recently, Slides received an update where you could view your slides beyond the left side bar. You can actually have them show up in block mode on the entire screen. This way you can see the layout of the slides a bit better and easily move slides around. Just double click on a slide to get back into editing it.

How to make this happen? Select the block icon on the bottom left (under all of the slides).

And that is my Spiel…

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