Day 3 of Google: Exploring with Google Trends

On the third day of Google, we will explore Google Trends…

Google Trends ( is relatively new to me and I have not explored all of its capabilities yet, however I do see the value with this tool. I feel as though Google Trends could be applied to different curriculum.

Once you get to the website, you will notice that Google provides featured items as well as stories that are trending on that particular day. As I write this blog post (Thursday, Dec 7, 2017), I am seeing Alabama Senate seat info, Holiday shopping, Grammy Awards, and National Pear Harbor Remembrance Day.

When we first explored with Google Trends, the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, we were diving deep into Thanksgiving. This is what we discovered, Thanksgiving 2017. It was cool to see things like:

  • top searched pies by state
  • top searched Thanksgiving recipes
  • top searched Thanksgiving questioning
  • searches for Friendsgiving (on the rise)
You can either look at what is trending or you can search your for specific content. 
I can see some interesting conversations coming out of searching trends. NOTE: Data changes from one day to the next due to what is trending – thus you might see different results from the last time you looked at a particular topic.
And that is my Spiel…

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