Day 4 of Google: Google Calendar

On the fourth day of Google, we will look at Google Calendar.

Google Calendar (web version) has recently received an upgrade to mimic the mobile version of Google Calendar. Don’t have the new Google Calendar? Select the blue icon on top right that says Use New Calendar. I am a big fan of the refreshed look.

One change, is that you are able to gain more real-estate on the screen. By selecting the hamburger icon on the top left corner, you can determine whether or not you want the small month calendar and list of calendars you follow to appear or disappear.

Keyboard Shortcuts
In the change, I stumbled upon shortcuts that pertain to Google Calendar. I don’t believe that these shortcuts are now, just never thought to look them up to use.

For instance, with the click of a number between 1-4 you are able to switch between different views of the calendar on your screen. You can also use d for day view, w for week view and m for month view.

Other Keyboard shortcuts of potential interest

Mobile Version of Calendar

For those of you who have Google Calendar on your mobile device, you have the ability to set a Goal. Google Calendar will then schedule sessions for you to reach that particular goal. You have the ability to say you want to exercise, build a skill, be with family & friends, have time to your self, or organize your life.

Let’s say I want to have Google Calendar help me build a skill. I tell Calendar what I plan on doing, indicate how often I want it to be done (once a week, every day, etc), indicate for how long I want to do it for, and indicate when the best time would be. Calendar will then look at my calendar to find a time slot to add that particular skill into my day. If I don’t like what it came up with, I can make the change.

And that is my Spiel…

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