Day 5 of Google: Providing Feedback in Google Docs

On the fifth day of Google, we will explore around with feedback in Google Docs.

One of the hardest parts with teachers transitioning to online work can be providing feedback electronically. I can see the point. It is really easy to write over text, underline, cross out, etc using paper and pencil. Edtechteam is trying to help teachers with the transition with a Chrome extension called CheckMark.

This extension has pre-determined, common remarks that teachers would be apt to include in a comment to a student. Rather than having the teacher taking the time to type the comment out, with the click of a button, a teacher is able to provide that same feedback without all of the extra clicks/keyboard hits necessary to make it happen.

How it Works:

  • Get the chrome extension HERE
  • Open up a Google Document you want to provide feedback
  • Select the extension (it will turn green) indicating you want to use its features while in the document
  • When you want to provide feedback, double click on a word, phrase, or statement. Then determine which comment you want to use.
Once you continue to use the extension, you will notice that numbers will show up in each comment. Based on the number of comments for a particular skill that you have added/marked, that number will adjust. In other words, if you used the comment, “S” for Check Spelling three times throughout the paper, the number will show up in the comment as a three. This can be helpful in letting you know what skill the student needs assistance with.
Right now, the extension comes with pre-determined comments. You will need to familiarize yourself with them prior to using to help make you be more efficient with your feedback. The company has said that you cannot add your own comment shortcut yet.
And that is my Spiel… 

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