Sharing Your Story

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We all have a story to tell. In fact, we all have a story to tell to inspire others. When I tell others that they should tweet or blog, I get a lot of…

  • I don’t do anything innovative.
  • What I do is nothing new.
  • Nobody is interested in what I have to say.

I completely disagree with those statements. We all do great things and the world can benefit from reading or seeing those great things. Just last week, I am reminded of this again.

It was brought to my attention that Wanda Terral gave a presentation in Texas a couple of weeks ago at TCEA on Google’s Data Studio tool. In Wanda’s presentation, she shared different ways in which people used Data Studio to help give attendees an idea of what is possible. My example happened to be one of those examples.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 4.23.27 PM
Slide from Wanda’s Presentation

I have never met Wanda in person. However, because we are connected online via Twitter, and I happened to blog about how I used Google Data Studio back on Dec 2, 2019 (you can read the blog post HERE), she must have seen what I shared. (Of course this is an assumption that I am making).

While I tend to blog every so often, and tweet my thoughts on a regular basis, I really do not truly know who is following along my journey. All I know is that I am sharing what is interesting to me, what is inspiring to me, and the innovative things my colleagues and students are doing at the school that I teach at. It is an opportunity for me to get my thoughts out on ‘paper’. It is an opportunity to reflect on the journey called education.

Not everyone has to share their story pertaining to the education field. In fact, I work with a colleague who has an instagram account devoted to helping people eat gluten free. She wanted to help share her journey in hopes of guiding others that either want to be more mindful of how they eat, or help others who must eat gluten free. I also work with a colleague who recently started an instagram account devoted to her journey of being active through running. Not only is she documenting her journey, she is also helping inspire others, whether she realizes it or not.

What am I getting at? Share your story…however you decide to do that! Yes it takes time out of your busy days. Yes, it is one more thing to do. But I can tell you, by you taking the time, you will in fact help inspire and challenge others…whether you realize it or not.

And that is my Spiel…

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