Day 1 of Google 2020

We are going to start simple today and look at some tips when using your own Google Drive. I don’t know about you but I would be LOST without my Google Drive. I wish there was a spot where I could find the number of files that I have created as well as the number of files that have been shared with me. I can only image what that number would be.


We are going to start with taking a look at workspaces. This is something relatively new. Basically it is an opportunity for a user to pull in different files that they may be using at the same time for a particular project/unit/time period. Workspace is not considered the same as folders in your Google Drive. Instead it is a space for just that user to quickly find and access the files that they need for the task at hand.

Workspaces can be created in the Priority section of your Google Drive. Couple of items to note about workspaces:

  • 25 file limit for Workspaces
  • Any file can be located in multiple workspaces
  • You can hide a workspace when you are done with it
  • Reminder that the workspace is only viewable by the user (you can’t share a workspace with others)

Click HERE to view 2 minute walkthrough


I find that I gravitate to using more and more shortcuts so that I don’t waste any more time than I need to in front of my computer. Yes, three clicks is not a lot when doing a particular task, however if you add up all the times you do the same task over a day, a week, a month, a year, it can add up. Here are four shortcut keystrokes you might be interested in learning when in your Google Drive.

. – opens up sharing permissions of a file that is highlighted – GREAT alternative to right clicking a file in your drive and then choosing share permissions

/ – search what is in your google drive – GREAT alternative to having to drag your cursor up to the top of your screen to do a Google search

p – preview the document – as long as a file is selected, by hitting p, you are able to get a quick glance as to what the file will be like instead of waiting for the file to open up in a new tab and then only realizing you opened up the wrong file.

o – open the document – alternative to double clicking on a file to open it up

Below is a quick demo on how each of the shortcut keystrokes work.

Click HERE to view 2 minute walkthrough

Tried out Workspaces or have other shortcuts that you find helpful to use when in Google Drive, reach out!

And that is my Spiel…

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