Day 2 of Google 2020 – Google Docs

On the second day of Google, we give you a couple of Google Document tips.


Recently, Google implement a new feature where you can actually view a YouTube video or a slide presentation while you are still in a Google Document instead of having to view in a completely separate tab.

Why this can be helpful? For students, they can decide to take notes while they are watching the video. Or maybe for teachers who share curriculum documents with one another, they can preview a file without having to open the file on a completely separate tab. Other good things to know…

  • YouTube videos can be played in a preview of a Google Slide presentation
  • Users can determine how big or small they want the preview window to be

Click HERE to view a quick demo (1.5 minutes long) on this feature


This fall, Google has embedded citation feature in Google documents. This feature is available under the tools menu. This feature helps eliminate the need to using a different tool outside of a Google Document.

Our librarian, Jess Gilcreast has created a resource documenting the process to cite resources.


Gain more real-estate with your documents, especially now since we find ourselves in times where we are doing more and more things digitally. You do not need to keep the standard 1 inch margins of your documents. If you get a document from me, you will find that I change the margins to .5 inch.

To change the margins, open up page setup under the file menu. If you do change the settings, you will notice you can then make it be the default setting for you. This way you don’t need go to in every single time to make the adjustment.

Also encourage you to play around with colors. Now that we find ourselves staring at screens, adding a bit of color can help so that we aren’t just looking at black text.

And that is my Spiel…

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