Day 9 of Google 2020 – Chrome

On Day 9 of Google 2020, we will take a look a some good to know Chrome tips/websites.


There have been a couple situations where both students and teachers have indicated that they could not find an extension that the district has pushed out to all users. The extension was there but the user did not pin the extension to show up.

On the reverse side, some staff find that they have to many extensions or they might not use all that have been forced to their profile. The user can unpin extensions so that they don’t show up all of the time.

The 1.5 minute video below will walk through the process of pinning/unpinning an extension. You might have noticed there is now a puzzle piece that showed up on the top right corner. That is where you go to pin/unpin.


If you find that you no longer use particular extensions, you can easily release them from your chrome browser…that is unless the district has pushed the extension to your account. The short video below will walk you through the process of cleaning up extensions.


For the past several years, Google shares out a video helping us look back based on what was searched the most over the past year. This year’s video can be found below.

What I like about the website is that you can dive into what the most search item was for different categories. You can look at particular areas of the country. You can do a comparison/contrast. I find it rather interesting what is ‘most searched’ base on the area you live in. To get started go to – when you want to look at trends

Year in Search 2020 – data from the year


I saw recently on Twitter from Eric Curts that Google Arts & Culture has a digital holiday coloring pages based on historical artifacts. Could be a fun activity to break up our typical routine tasks. To get started click HERE

And that is my Spiel…

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