2021 – Day 1 of Google – Chrome

On our first day, we will take a deeper dive into some features of Google Chrome. I must say for myself, there were several “I didn’t know you could do that moments” for me.


First thing we will talk about is your own settings in chrome. I think it is a great time to remind people about things that have been saved under your account. Some users save their passwords on websites that they use. It can be a risky thing to do. If you don’t remember what websites you have saved passwords for, or you no longer want to grant access to saved passwords, or you didn’t know you even save a password for a paricular tool/website…have no fear. You can see and make changes, by:

  • Selecting the three dots on top right corner of chrome
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Autofill on left column
  • Select Passwords

In a similar fashion, check to see if you have any saved payment methods. You might not want websites to have your saved credit card information or better yet, any saved financial data on your school google account.


Did you know you can direct students to particular text on a webpage? This was a learning moment for me! Yes, you have the ability to draw attention to a certain part of a website for students so that they don’t get distracted. How to make this happen?

  • Highlight the section you want students to read or pay attention to
  • Right click
  • Select “copy link to highlight”
  • Then provide link to students

The gif below will walk you through the process.


In a similar fashion, I have been seeing people talk about how they have students use Google Keep for note taking purposes. As students are doing research online with certain websites, they can highlight information that they want to keep. Once the text is highlighted, they can select the Google Keep chrome extension. Students will notice that the link is already added to the keep note, as well as the text that was highlighted. Students can add a title to the note, as well as type any other text they want to add. Students would then provide a tag to the note so that they can go back to all of the information they found useful in their research under that particular tag. Student would go to keep.google.com, search that tag they decided to use, to see all of their notes. Clever. In fact, very clever.

Below is a gif walking through the process of how to use the keep chrome extension.

And that is my Spiel…

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