2021 – Day 2 of Google – Google Docs

On our second day of Google, we will focus on Google Docs. There have been many aha moments in Docs lately. Let’s jump right into it. Did you know…


You now have the ability to add a water mark in the document. I remember the days of Word, where a file was shared and I immediately knew it was in draft format as the word DRAFT was written diagonally in the background. It was faded but it was clear that things were not set in stone.

For those that are looking for some sort of visual faded in the background, follow the steps below. You will see in the example below, our school logo was added. I had the ability to determine whether it should be faded or not, as well as what I want the scale of the image to be.

  • Under insert menu, select Watermark
  • Select the image box on the right column and find the image you want to upload
  • Determine scale and if you want it to appear faded


We all know that version history exists with Google Products. However, did you know you can find detailed specifics on a particular section of a document? This can be a very helpful way of finding out the information you truly want rather than searching through the whole document. Here is how it works

  • Highlight section, word, sentence, or paragraph that you want to see version history of
  • Right click the highlighted section
  • Select ‘Show Editors’

Based on what you selected, it will show one or multiple editors. You also have the ability to determine what was done when. The gift below will show you an example:


Google has now provided a quick easy way of inserting page breaks in a google document. To make this happen:

  • Place your curser where you would like to insert a page break
  • Select format menu; line & Paragraph spacing; add page break before

It is that easy. The gif below will also walk you through the process.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

And that is my Spiel…

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