2021 – Day 7 of Google – Arts and Culture

On the seventh day of google, we will take a closer look at Google Arts and Culture. You really can go down a rabbit hole with Arts and Culture. Here are a couple of good to knows…


Many people were disappointed that Google decided to get rid of the stand alone expeditions app. We found a couple of thoughtful uses with it in some of our curriculum ourselves. Google Arts and Culture has absorbed expeditions now. What is important to know though is that the teacher is no longer able to lead tours as they were in the app. Everything is all student run now.

This link HERE will give you access to all of the expeditions that are currently in Arts and Culture. One thing that is missing is a spreadsheet of all of the expeditions. I do wish that the search feature worked a bit better but this is a great place to start. Keep in mind that these expeditions work nicely on both chromebooks and mobile devices. I have noticed that when you use an expedition that has sound files with it, as you scroll through the content, the audio automatically plays. It is nice that students don’t have to select an icon to make that happen.


On the main page of Arts and Culture, you will notice that there is a game section. Lots of random information can be gained by playing a couple of games. I can see our advisory playing the ‘What came first?’ game. Basically two images/movies/historical figures/artifacts/events show up and you have a short period of time to determine which one came first. You will be given as many questions as possible before you run out of your three lives. You will also notice there is a coloring page as well as other fun options.


This one is a friendly reminder that your students can checkout museums from around the world. What is helpful with accessing museums in arts and culture is that it will prompt students to appear in certain rooms/places in the museum. This can help students to not go down a rabbit hole.

In the gif example below, you will see based on the museum I chose of Van Gogh Museum, there were four different museum views. I can select one and explore that part of the museum. You will also notice that there are pre-selected image views for me to select as well to help with the moving around part.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

And that is my Spiel…

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